They try to look like PayPal but weusepaypal is a scam. They promise you can use paypal for pizza but don't send anything!

They are probably phishing for your paypal information too. Don't trust weusepaypal.com is a scam.

Weusepaypal review are also fake, at least one that I know for sure.

The site has only been there like a month and will probably close as soon as they scam too many people, but I write this in hope one of them won't be you! I would also be very careful about any information you have shared with them.

Monetary Loss: $63.

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I too am too nervous to use it. I am $40 short on my Amazon cart but always keep money on PayPal..

Why Amazon why?

Only hurting yourself.

--I will wait till tomorrow and buy a Amazon card from Rite Aid.

ADVICE -1---do a small $25 or less test b4 you do a large transaction.

--ADVICE-2--if it's too good be true it isn't...sure I miss out on stuff ALOT, and my wife gets mad all the time because she says -"The price is only good for 1 more hour!" and I roll my eyes annoyed as %{+} !!

-advice -3---also people remember to check you're junk folder if you're at desperate.

-of topic ADVICE-4--someone told me 'Demonoid' was back up and running so I went there and signed I. And as soon as I hit enter/submit I got that emergency popup malware virus saying you must call us to buy our anti malware software blah blah..god forbid The CIA/FBI go and bring justice to people who scam other people for a living. -ESP those losers in Kenya or Nigeria who seduce these poor pathetically lonely women into sending em money..sure they are pathetic, but they don't deserve to be screwed like that. The same mentality as a website stealing from you...I saw that on Dr.

Phil btw. And it was disgusting when they went to the guys housin Nigeria and he looked like a devil-demon wearing the late 80's preppy style like Z-cavarichi's with 15 kids running around the most foul neighborhood. The woman looked like she wanted to put a ballet in her mouth. Because she was intimate with this $5 dollar animal..why our govt isn't forcing these 3rd world countries to prosecute they're criminals preying on Americans.

ESP since we send them aid on the regular.

But it's a no brainier that we hold the sanctions over them,so why isn't it enforced? Because they don't care!!!

to Anonymous #1108742

You can use Gyft.com and purchase an Amazon egift card instantly. Next time. With paypal.

to Anonymous #1131103

fantastic, thank you


My wife ordred one of these cards for Dominos earlier this morning, got a confirmation email from PayPal but some BS email from We Use Pay Pal claiming we needed to 'confirm' the order since their 'internet' store was closed at the time (last time I checked the internet does not close just saying). We sent them a support email 30 minutes ago, to all these people claiming that they got their cards within 2 minutes I can only say it must be nice to be you. I am not impressed, if I don't get this card in time to place an order before work then I'm leaving this review to warn others.

to Anonymous #1050927

Disregard, issues rectified.


Currently eating pizza I just got by using this site .. It works !!!

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #971051

This is legit, 2nd time using WEUSEPP and it works flawlessly! Learn to check all your EMAIL folders, Also wouldnt you be to blame if they did scam because you were to dumb to do your research before making a payment to some random website?????

Surprise, Arizona, United States #963031

this is not true try checking your junk folder u ***!!! Obviously u have no idea how to use it hahaha I have used this site for many things at many times


I know just placed my second order with them (I live in Miami to the guy who thinks anyone from NY is just a worker from there) anyway my first order I got a 25 papa john's gift card. Got to my email in 4 minutes flat.

Second order was pizza hut 25 bucks..I got a little worried when 30 minutes went by and I didn't have my card. I emailed their support email at weusepp. They responded (a live person not generic response) within about ten minutes. They offered a full refund because I wasn't sure if pizza Hut would still be open to take my.order bc it was taking so long.

I told him if they can get it to me within 15 minutes I'll keep my card rather than FULL refund. He said they use a 3rd party for pizza hut and he would call them to see what he could do. Within 5 minutes I hady card and an apology. He went above and beyond to make sure i got what I wanted.

Even though it took longer than the first time their customer service made up for it. Still would reccomend.

If you are still skeptical I can send you screen shots of our email condos and my gift card. NOT A SCAM.


I just used the site 20 minutes ago and had my papa john's card within 3 minutes. I would use the site again.

I left a review on their site.

Jack in 305. Real person.

Kingston, Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica #844615

Smh.... I was gonna use this site just now, but seeing all of this...... I'm afraid......

to Legend Nottingham, England, United Kingdom #967732

Most information near the top of this page is untrue.

West Henrietta, New York, United States #833371

My boyfriend and I use weusepp (the new domain name for weusepaypal) at LEAST once a week. We order all different kinds of gift cards from them and never have an issue.


Problem just fixed itself. Weusepaypal just refunded my service charge and I received my card just minutes later. Real company.


has been two hours since i ordered my gift card from weusepaypal.com and i have not received my card yet. site has worked in the past and has very from time to time but has never taken this long to work. i have also not received any feedback from info@weusepaypal.com and have sent them three messages.


They are legit, took an hour for me to get my e-gift card tho. Would use again.


Definitely NOT a scam, I literally just used their service and received my gift card promptly. I got freaked out when I read the review here but I've had a pleasant experience with this company.

to Anonymous #1039798

I don't know who to believe!


They are not a scam. You pay for their products through Paypals secure system like you would any other company.

I bought Amazon gift cards and have had zero problems. I find it pathetic that some of you have nothing better to do than get on here and make things up about a company trying to get out there and expand. For the record, ALL companies ask for feedback for Weusepaypal.com asking you for a review...why is that weird?? I have never once been in Toys R Us, Gamestop, etc where they didn't circle some survey or ask me to go online and do a survey about their service.

It is common practice. I will continue to use them!!!

to Misty #1039789

You obviously work for the company

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